Trips for groups, families or individual trips.

Water trips – with kayak or boat. Possibility to go on the water by boat or kayak. You can combine it with a fishing trip, a photo trip or just enjoy being in nature.

Fishing trips - fishing trips on Estonian inland waters. Our years of experience allow fishing for beginners and advanced, both on the water and on shore.

Hiking - in the forest / bog, nature observation;

Calling animals for the purpose of photo hunting during certain seasons. Selected game can also be lured during certain seasons. In order to get to know the game better, it is also important to know the traces of their activities.

Short nature photography courses for beginners; Professional nature photography equipment, different cameras are available, as well as various lenses. The result is basic knowledge for those interested and a sense of what and with what one could take pictures.

Animal observation. Ability to search for a specific species or capture general nature images. We also offer basic knowledge of nature photography for beginners with professional nature photography equipment. You can try your hand in the macro world, with wider landscape shots and when capturing distant objects.

Individuals or a company - we complete the experience according to your wishes!

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